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FAQ updated

May 31st, 2009
Our FAQ has been updated with the following information (We especially emphasize paragraphs two and four):

How do I sign up for Genki?
> Just fill out the form on the page “Con Sign-Up“. If you want to sign up for the cosplay show, also fill out the form on the page “Cosplay Sign-Up“.

Am I guaranteed my ticket when I sign up?
> No. Our limit this year (2009) is 200 participants, and it is the 200 first to pay for their ticket that get in, not the first 200 who sign up. So even if you signed up as the very first, hvis 200 people manage to pay for their ticket before you do, you unfortunately won’t get in.

Then how do I pay for my ticket?
> You are to pay by bank transferal. How to do this is written on the page that appears after you sign up for the con. The bank account is close 7 days before the con starts and after this, any remaining un-payed tickets will be sold at the door.

I sent the money yesterday, why haven’t I receive a confirmation e-mail?
> How long it takes between you sending the money and us receiving them depends of factors such as whether you pay over the Internet or at the actual bank register, what bank you are transfering the money from, what time of day you do it at, and what day of the week you do it at. Depending on these factors, it can take anywhere between a few hours to 3-4 bank days (Saturday and Sunday aren’t bank days, so e.g. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday are only two bank days) before we receive the money, and then maybe an additional day or two before the cashier notices the payment and crosses you off the list. Moreover, the confirmation e-mail may have wounded up in your e-mail’s spam box, so be sure to check it every now and again.


Updates IV (May 28)

May 28th, 2009


As you can probably see, we have 212 people who have signed up, which breaks our max 200 people limit. However, 16 of them are pashiri, which means they don’t really count towards the max, meaning we have 196 actual participants. If we break the limit of actualy participants, we emphasise that it’s the first 200 people who purchase their ticket that get in.

Our cashier won’t check our account for sign-ups until this weekend, since he has had exams this entire week, so please do not spam our contact mail with questions like “Have you received my payment? Odds are that we have received it, but that our cashier hasn’t had time to cross you off the list yet. However, if you haven’t receive an e-mail by Monday (June 1st) confirming that your payment has been received (and for the love of God, check your spam boxes too before panicking), and you’ve paid BEFORE today, Thursday May 27th, then contact us on and we will confirm it manually.

Sleeping locations

We have contacted the municipal to get permission to rent a school gym so that the participants coming from far-away-places would have a place to sleep. Unfortunately, it seems like they won’t be getting back to us, and with the starting date for Genki 2009 only three weeks away, we simply can’t wait for them any longer. We will try contacting them again tomorrow, but can’t guarantee that we will get the rooms we want in time. Therefore, we now recommend that guests try finding a place on their own, like e.g. (either Copenhagen City [down to 130 DKK per bed per night] or Copenhagen Downtown [down to 75 DKK per bed per night]). The prices are under the condtion that one has a hostel registration card (might only be required if you are 18 years old or older, please check by yourself); if you don’t have one, you can book it online. The card costs 35 DKK per night or 70 DKK for an entire year; if you do not live in Denmark you’ll need an international year card which costs 160 DKK. Order beds well in advance so that you are sure to have a place to sleep. The prices do not include breakfast (as it is cheaper to buy breakfast elsewhere). We recomment that you wait 3-4 days, just in case we get the gym after all, in which case participants have a place to sleep for free. We will update about this as soon as we get a reply.

In connection with the above, we’d like to emphasise that it IS allowed to be at the con all day and all night, you just aren’t allowed to sleep there, unless you are a pashiri. So if you e.g. can’t get a bed reservation for the night between Friday and Saturday, you are more than welcome to stay on con premises, assuming you can stay awake.

Site updates

We’ve added the page Auction for those of you interested in selling your anime/manga/junk. This is a free service by Genki, så you don’t have to pay any commision fee for entering and we don’t take percentages of the final selling price either; all the money go to the sellers.

The page Events has been updated but is still incomplete. We expect to complete it after our next meeting.


Updates III (May 21)

May 21st, 2009
We finally got som updates up and running, which some have expected to hear about! At current time, we have 159 people signed up for the con, 74 of which have paid! The Genki Team extends its gratitude to those of you who have shown an interest in the con and we look forward to seeing you June 19-21! Moreover, we can tell you that we have 5 cosplay groups already signed up for the contest and 12 pashiri ready to help run Genki during the weekend.

The last couple of things we need to update include an extensive event desctiption and plan for how the weekend will proceed, but today, during our meeting, we’ll get the last couple of things down. It’s on its way, so don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about those of you who want to know what’s going to happen.


Updates II (May 12)

May 12th, 2009
As many probably already have notice, we’ve added a few updates to the site. Most importantly are probably that the sign-up forms for the con and the cosplay contest are up and running, so now you can finally sign up. Furthermore, we’ve put up a page with rules , which is important that people read (the section on cosplay rules should be up tonight).

About the rules, we’ve had a few letters concerning the paragraph about sale of alcohol. In common for all the letters is that they think it is stupid to sell alcohol during Genki. The problem lies in that it isn’t Genki that run the café, but Kulturhuset’s own staff. We can request that certain things are or aren’t sold, but in the end, it’s the staff that decides what they want to sell or not, no matter what we say about it. Genki didn’t want alcohol during the con either, but the café wanted to have the option (since they are a public café). However, this is why we asked that the check ID whenever they sell alcohol, which the staff said they would have done anyway since they are a public establishment and required to do so by law, so that we awoid that people under the age of 18 buy alcohol. So just to emphasize this further, people under 18 years of age are not allowed to buy/consume alcohol at the con. Those who are old enough to buy alcohol are asked to drink it while in the café and not in random places on the con premises.

As a side note; all letters also point out that there haven’t been any alcohol for sale at any ofe the other Danish cons, ever. This, however, is incorrect; Valby Kulturhus is a public establishment and has always offered alcohol to people 18 years old and older, no matter what events were being held at Kulturhuset, so people have actually been able to alcohol during e.g. J-Popcon. Since J-Popcon, in the same circumstance, didn’t turn into one giant beer party, the assumption that Genki then will is both unfair and unfounded.


Q&A (May 11)

May 11th, 2009
Many have written us to ask about signing up for the con in advance; where and how. The Genki Team can now finally definitively say that the sign-up forms will be up tomorrow, i.e. May 12, at 10.00, along with a few other updates, such as the rules and an update of the Events page.

Another question that has been asked frequently concerns places for sleeping at the con. As a participant, you will not be be able to sleep at the actual con (i.e. at Valby Kulturhus), since the limited space we have for sleeping there goes to our Pashiri (gophers). We will however try as best we can to find sleeping places nearby, but, as of yet, we have been unable to find anything satisfactory. If we haven’t found anything satisfactory two-three weeks before the con starts, we will let people know via the front page, so that people have a chance of trying to find something on their own, e.g. sleeping at a friend’s place.


Updates (May 8)

May 8th, 2009
The Genki team had a meeting on Wednesday, May 6, and has made considerable progress in the planning of Genki 2009. This results in a couple of updates and additions to the website that we had planned would be finished by last night. However, du to an unfortunate twist, we have been able to implement everything as hoped, but we are working hard on having everything done in time for the next update and hope you can bare with us until then. We apologize for the inconvenience

For those of you who are interested, here is our update to-do list:

  • Update the banner/logo on the website. (check)
  • Update the time schedule with more events and updated times as well as a floorplan so that people can see, on the website, where the various events will be held. (check)
  • Correct all know bugs in the countdown timer for Genki. (check)
  • Update the Event page with descriptions of new events. (next update)
  • Write a rule section with rules for cosplay, weapons, photo/filming, and Genki in general. (next update)
  • Add a function so people can order their ticket in advance and thus be guaranteed entry.(next update)
  • Add a sign-up form for the cosplay show. (next update)


English site up!

May 4th, 2009
Ladies and gentlemen of the non-Danish speaking audience, the English version of Genki has finally been completed and you are currently reading it ;) We apologize for that it was so long in the making, but better late than never?


Meeting May 6th and Announcements

May 4th, 2009

Hello everyone! We just wanted to keep you updated with what the team behind Genki is up to. We are having a meeting for our organizers this Wednesday (May 6th, 18:00 o’clock) and the meeting is open for anyone interested in helping out. The meeting will take place at Valby Kulturhus and to find us, you can ask at the information desk by the reception.

At the meeting, we’ll be taking a look at the place and get some ideas for decorations and set-ups. We’ve encouraged some organizers about status reports for that day, so we can give a bit of feedback. So the meeting will be about looking at the place, discussing each other’s con-projects, a bit of workshop, and, in the end, a bit of work!

Those who unfortunately can’t make it for the meeting this Wednesday are more than welcome to show up at our next meeting on Sunday, May 17th, from 14:00 o’clock. The location will be announced this Thursday. Thursday will also be the day where we, on the front page, announce our registration system as well as the cosplay rules. Photo and filming policies for the con will also be published then.

If there are any other things you want the Genki team to pay special attention to, feel free to write us on our mail,, or write us on the forum! We look forward to seeing you in a month and 15 days!

Look forward to it!


Genki Lift-off!

May 1st, 2009
blogHi everybody, we finally got our site to a point in time where we feel happy to announce Genki 2009! We are working hard on the English site and it should be up within a week, but until then we will have to settle for a Danish only site

Genki aims to be an all-around anime, manga, cosplay, and Japan convention that will take place in Copenhagen (Valby) from June 19 to June 21, 2009. We aim to create an awesome atmosphere for attendees and organizers alike, but also to become good at giving Genki characteristic and mood that you can’t get at other cons.

We apologize for the hasty announcement of Genki, but we received a good offer for free rooms, accepted, and can therefore offer the entire weekend for 75 DKK (Danish Kroner) which makes us the cheapest con in Denmark. We are currently looking into rooms for sleeping, cosplay rules, and various other stuff currently missing, but well give word about it as soon as possible!

We look forward to seeing you,
The Krew

P.S. Yes, we are aware of the fact that “Krew” should be spelled “crew”, but since we are using the union, Kameko, as a launching pad for Genki, we decided to introduce the almighty “K”.

Genki ,