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Q&A (May 11)

Many have written us to ask about signing up for the con in advance; where and how. The Genki Team can now finally definitively say that the sign-up forms will be up tomorrow, i.e. May 12, at 10.00, along with a few other updates, such as the rules and an update of the Events page.

Another question that has been asked frequently concerns places for sleeping at the con. As a participant, you will not be be able to sleep at the actual con (i.e. at Valby Kulturhus), since the limited space we have for sleeping there goes to our Pashiri (gophers). We will however try as best we can to find sleeping places nearby, but, as of yet, we have been unable to find anything satisfactory. If we haven’t found anything satisfactory two-three weeks before the con starts, we will let people know via the front page, so that people have a chance of trying to find something on their own, e.g. sleeping at a friend’s place.


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