Sign-Up Forms

On the following sub-pages you can sign up for the con and also the cosplay contest or even become a pashiri (gopher) if you want to help out at Genki.


Here is an overview of people who have signed up and people who have payed, sorted alphabetically by given name.

Red background = payment not yet received;
Green background = payment received;
Blue background = pashiri;

Pashiri do not have to pay anything to get in to Genki 2009, so if you have payed as a pashiri, we will set an asterisk by your name so we can remember to pay you back, so please stick around after the pashiri meeting on Friday and you’ll get your refund. All payments that arive after the first 200 tickets have been bought will naturally also be returned. If you notice an error in your sign-up, e.g. that you signed up as a pashiri but it doesn’t say so on the list, or if you’ve signed up and payed for your ticket, but then realise later that you can’t come after all, then please contact us at

Name list removed for privacy reasons