It’s about having fun with friends and others when you’re at Genki. But you have to remember that there ARE rules at Genki and they must be followed. If you want to read about the various sets of rules, the can be found underneath:

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Rules of conduct at Genki 2009

§1 You’re allowed too be at the con 24/7 and have fun. Man må gerne være på connen 24/7 og have det sjovt. Dog må man ikke sove i samtlige lokaler, så hvis man sover kan det være at der kommer en pashiri (gopher) og vækker en.

§2 You are not allowed to bring in food from outside while the café is open. If you buy food ouside the con, you have to eat it before re-entering the con premises.

§3 There will be alcohol present at Genki and only the café may sell it. Under no circumstances are you allowed to bring in your own alcohol at any point in time during the con.

§3.1 You must be at least 18 years old to buy/conusem alcohol in the café (there will be ID-checks by the café staff), but we recommend that people complerely refrain from drinking during the con. So it is strictly forbidden to purchase alcohol and give it to someone under the age of 18.

§3.2 Alcohol may only be consumed in the café area and not at various places on the con premises.

§4 Remember to mind your voice when near the cinema or manga loungé. We have to ensure som quite areas at the con, so please refrain from screaming without concern for your surroundings.

§5 The rules of conduct can be upheld by both Pashiri and Crew at Genki 2009.

§6 Smile : )

Cosplay rules

Minimum age:
You have to be at least 12 years old to compete in the cosplay contest.

Group size:
Max 5 people

Time limit per act:
5 minutes
NB: Solo perfomances are limited to 2 minutes.

Categories for Genki ’09 Cosplay Show:
Most LOL (Laughing out loud)
This is awarded for funnies performance.

Most Genki
The wackiest idea, weirdest punchline, or something else entirely that just hasn’t been seen before (in Denmark or maybe even the world!)

Alpha Omega
The show that has that little “je ne sais quoi” as well as a mix of nice costumes, timing, and well-performed act.

Best Do
Most far out or good looking wig/hairdo.

Best Prop
Best made prop/weapon/etc.

The greatest emphasis is put on performance, originality, and entertainment value due to the brief notice of Genki ’09. Hence it is irrelevent whether the costume(s) you and/or your group members are wearing have been bought pre-made or if you made it yourself from scratch – homemade costumes are a plus, but not the biggest point getter (it doesn’t hurt being honest about the costume when signing up for the cosplay competition though).

And remember, you’re allowed to reuse costumes from prior events!

Meeting concerning cosplay on Saturday:
Info-meeting for cosplayers participating in the show.
All participants meet at __ in the great hall to find out who goes on stage when and to do audio rehersals. There will be an opportunity to get something to eat and drink before showtime. Everything could potentially go super smooth, in which case you can go get lunch somewhere, if you want to.

We have five wireless microphones availaable. If you have any questions, you can contact os on, and yes, if you have your own mic and want to use that one (if for instance it is made as an accessory to one’s character, but also still works as a mic), then write to the above mail.

Music, pre-recorded acts, and sound effects (if any) must be delivered in .mp3 or .wav format as well as on an audio CD on which the sound effects is the only content. This is så the technicians won’t have to fumble around to find the correct track.

Sets / stage stuff / bigger equipment:
Well, if you have something that takes like 30 minutes or more to set up, we will have to turn you down. However, if it takes about a minute or less to set up, and is do-able, then you are more than welcome to add to the stage. Notice, however, that we don’t having any fancy stuff like curtains that can cover up the stage, but if you want to keep an air of mystery about what you are doing until the actual show starts, then our pashiri will do whatever they can to help (within reason, of course).

Weapon and prop rules

The Organizers retain the right to confiscate weapons/props that do not abide by our rules or that are used in a dangerous manner. The reason for these rules are so we don’t get shut down by the police.

§1 Danish law must be abided by at all times.

§2 All weapons and props must be registered at the reception.

§3 Weapons that are not allowed:

  • Metal weapons (e.g. swords, axes, knives)
  • Archery equipment
  • Soft air/Hardball handguns
  • Chemical/gun powder weapons (smokebombs, flame-throwers, fireworks)

§4 Exceptions for weapons can be made if the cosplay organizers receive a mail on, explaining the circumstances. So if for instance you wanted to bring a sword, and you have a display permit or similar, you can bring it on stage if you can show a copy of the permit.

If you have a question about the weapon or prop you want to bring to Genki, we ask that you write us on

Film and photo policy

Everyone is allowed to take pictures and film at Genki, however, there are som rules that must be followed:

§1 When taking a photo or recording a specific person, one must have permission from that person beforehand.

§2 If you want to use photos or films from Genki commercially, you must first seek permission from the organizers through

§3 Flash photography during the Cosplay Show is not allowed out of concern for the cosplayers and other participants.

Artist Alley

Operational hours
See here.

People who would like their drawings showcased and sold (this is if you don’t want to sell a lot of drawings, but maybe have just a single drawing or two you would like to have sold) then you can hand it in at the Artist Alley up to two hours after the opening ceremony ends.

This will also be possible from 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM on Saturday, in case you can’t be at the con on Friday. The name of the artist is to be written on either the drawing or the card-board it is hung up on.

4-koma drawing contest

  • As the name imples, you are to draw a manga strip four panels long.
  • The drawing must be PG-rated.
  • Everyone can participate (no age limit).
  • Deadline Saturday at 03:00 PM.
  • You are limited to one entry per person, and all entries are handed in at the reception
  • Papir with pre-printed frames for 4-koma and a field to fill out your name can be collected in the Artist Alley.

If you want to sell your work, you must rent a booth. A booth in the Artist Alley is 25 DKK and there are eight booths available (first come, first serve). Here are the rules for the booths:

  • You must be at least 15 years old to sit at a booth.
  • You pay on the day to the person responcible for the Artist Alley (sign-ups are done by mail, which is sent to [email address removed] with “artist alley” as the subject)
  • In the mail, you write what days you wish to be in Artist Alley (except Sunday, as booths are closed then) and what price you wish to take for you works.
  • Prints of your drawings on e.g. T–shirts, book marks, postcards, etc.bogmærker, postkort osv. are allowed.
  • Your drawings may be in any format. (poster – postcard)
  • Your drawings may be drawn/coloured with whatever material you find appropriate.
  • Your works may not be pornographic (hentai).
  • Yaoi/Yuri/Ecchi is however allowed.