The Con

The Time Schedule:

We’ll gradually update our events as soon as they are ready, but we can already present the following events and times! Descriptions can be found on the Events page.


Friday (Insert Coin)

10:00 Doors open; access to Manga Lounge, Game Room, Artist Alley, and Anime Bio (cinema); drawings for the 4-koma (4-panel manga) drawing contest can be dropped off (at the reception).

16:00 Opening ceremony.

14:00 Hour-and-a-half long karaoke session.

16:15 Anime Bio contest: Can you guess the language?

16:30 Panel on current Japanese music.

18:30 Anime Bio contest: Guess an anime character.

19:00 Concert med The Lillith.

20:00 Auction.

22:00 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection tournament; Karaoke-room opens.

03:00 Otaku hour!

Saturday (Continue?)

11:00 Cosplay meeting (in the theater hall).

12:00 Audio rehersal for cosplay show; Stepmania contest.

13:00 Genki panel.

14:00 Word search (game).

15:00 Cosplay Show/Cosplay Walk On (no sign-up required for CWO); outdoors photoshoot after the show. Deadline for 4-koma drawing contest entries and people may begin voting.

16:00 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm competition.

18:00 Pictionary contest.

18:20 Anime Bio contest: Popular anime phrases.

19:00 Scramble group quiz.

20:00 Karamelldans marathon.

21:00 Anime dating game.

22:00 Street Fighter IV tournament; karaoke-room opens.

03:00 Otaku hour!

Sunday (Game Over)

10:00 Manga drawing panel.

11:00 Cosplay Royale.

12:30 Panel on the Japanese language.

13:00 Votes for the 4-koma drawing contest end and the winner is found (prizes are handed out at the closing ceremony)

13:37 Closing ceremony.

14:15 Feedback on Genki panel and participant opinions

16:30 Game room, Anime Bio, Manga Lounge, and dealer rooms close.

17:00 Doors close.


Ground floor: Cosplay, game room 1, ceremonies, concert, and events.

2nd floor: events, karaoke, and Pashiri sleeping room.

3rd floor: dealer rooms, Anime Bio, and game room 2.

4th floor: Manga Lounge and Artist Alley.

5th floor: Sleeping room