On Friday the 19th, the first of the three days of the con, at 20:00, an auction with auctioneer (the person who swings the hammer around) will be held and people will have the chance to sell and bid on items. This is a free service by Genki, and we don’t take any percentages of the final selling price either, so it’s a good chance to get rid of your old stuff. There’s no limit to how many items you may sell. All the money from sales will go to the proper people efter the entire auction has finished.

Signing in items

Signing in items are done by e-mail before the start of the con. The proces will here be explained in steps:

  1. Start by writing your full legal name (no nicks!).
  2. Write what items you wish to sell and attach a photo of each item by itself, i.e. if you are selling three different items, attach three photos; one for each item. Also remember to write the starting price for each item (preferably as low as possibble, so that more people will be interested in bidding for your things). Note, however, that if you sell manga, anime, or magazines of the series, they will be sold as sets and seperately, so take this into consideration when selecting your starting-price. NB! If you have nothing to take pictures with or can’t transfer pictures from e.g. your mobile phone to you computer, just write what items you have and that you can’t take pictures of them. You will have to chance that they will pass inspection then.
  3. Send the mail to
  4. Wait for confirmation from our auctioneer. If you haven’t gotten a response after 3-4 days, contact:
  5. When you arrive at the con, you are to hand over all the items, that you wish to sell at the auction, at the reception for inspection and safe-keeping. You will then receive a receipt for the items you have handed in.

We would like to make special notice about that your items can be rejected if they do not live up to one or more of these requirements:

  • No copies, bootlegs, fansubs, etc., only original merchandise may be sold.
  • You stuff should preferably be items you won’t normally find Dine ting skal helst være ting du ikke normalt vil kunne finde hos dealerne, i.e. limited editions, artbooks, specielle figurines, Japanese manga, cooking books, whole figure sets, etc. If you have doubts, send a mail to
  • Your things may not be significantly damaged, i.e. have scratches, water damages, be bent, have parts missing, etc.
  • Your things must be handed in at the reception at least 30 minutes before the auctions starts.

If you have questions concerning any of this, please write us an e-mail.

The auction process

All bids are controlled by our auctioneer, so you may not call out the amount you want to bid. All amounts under 100 DKK will gradually be increased by 5 DKK with each new bid, and after 100 DKK, they will be increased by 10 DKK after each new bid. The time limit for the auctioning of each item is set to four minutes.

At arrival to the auction, you will be asked to state your name, after which you will be issued a small sign with a number; this is your action number. You bid on an item by raising this number in the air. If two or more people bid the same amount for an item, and there aren’t any higher bids after that, the winner of the item will be the person the auctioneer saw raise their number first.

When you win an item you are obligated to by it, and you pay immediatly after the auctioning of the item to the pashiri sitting with the money box. You will then receive your won item after which the auction will resume, so please have your money ready so we avoid wasting time.