You want to become a Pashiri (gopher) and help out with Genki? It would be super awesome if you would! \(O.O)/

We have many jobs that need to be done to insure an awesome experience for all the people attending. If you could help set up on the day before Genki starts, help out during Genki itself, or just help cleaning up after, then we have many positions that can be filled!

All those who want to help are free to join our Krew by selecting “Yes” under the option “Jeg vil gerne være crew” in the sign-up form for the con! We only have a few requirements that need to be filled, but we are sure that most of the people who help will fulfil these requirements. Already now, we have several volunteer helpers as part of our Staff and Krew, and gears of Genki would never be able to turn without those of you willing to spend your time and energy making it all work.


  • You have to be at least 16 years old to be a Pashiri (gopher).
  • We ask you to be punctual when it comes to your shifts. If you can’t make it for your shifts, or if you overslept, you are to contact our reception desk so that we can find a replacement for you. We will of course understand it if you miss your shift due to an unexpected problem or an emergency, but we will still have to find a stand-in.
  • If there is an event or a competition that you would like to compete in, then you have to contact us at least one week before Genki starts so that we can correct the time schedule. If you contact us after this point, we cannot guarantee that you will have time off during the contest.
  • Since we need as many Pashiri as perky as possible Saturday morning, we’d like to ask you to refrain from partying too hard Friday evening/night. However, feel free to party as much as you want on Saturday (unless you have a shift).
  • We will provide you with a place to sleep at Kulturhuset so you won’t have to walk all the way to the sleeping locales, so you don’t have to worry about it!
  • We will provide breakfast every day for all our Pashiri. We can however not provide lunch or supper, since we are still a small Genki, so you’re on your own when it comes to that.
  • We expect you to show up at the Krew meeting Friday or Thursday so that you can be briefed of your role and shifts. If you can’t show up at the briefings your are to report it to us in advance and then you will get a short recap when you arrive.
  • We will, as best as we can, make sure that all Pashiri and organizers equally share the workload/shifts. If, however, you want to work more shifts, you will be welcome to. Just specify where you’d like to work: cinema, wardrobe, reception desk, game room, etc.

Our Krew chief reserves the right to remove a person’s Krew badge during the con if it is suspected that the person does not live up to the requirements we ask of you. If this happens it is necessary to buy a ticket at full price if you want to stay the entire weekend as just an participant.