bigmaskotWhat: Anime Convention
When: 19-21 Juni, 2009
Where: Valby Kulturhus; Valgårdsvej 4-8, 2500 Valby,,
How much: 75 DKK for the entire weekend.

Genki is a Danish convention which will be held for the very first time in Valby Kulturhus (same place as J-Popcon) on the 19-21 June, 2009.

The group started working on Genki in early 2009 with the idea that there was room for a nice summer convention that we wanted to have before school started again after the summer break. This year, it was June, and we are well on our way with the planning.

Come and participate in Genki 2009 and join us in celebrating our first year! We will have many of the things expected at a con, such as anime showings, game room, cosplay, cultural events, dance games, a concert (with The Lillith), drawing contests, AMVs, a few lectures, and a nice mood!