Come and See

Opening Ceremony!

A welcome, a greeting, a speech, and a video!

The Lillith Concert

The concert will be held Friday by Denmark’s currently only J-rock band, the Lillith.

Closing Ceremony

We will hand out the last prizes and summarize the con for you with a few pictures!


Cosplay Show

Put on your favourite manga, anime, or game character costumes on and show them off! The rules and category descriptions (in which you win the prizes) can be read here.

Cosplay Walk On

Want to show us how you look in cosplay, or throw a pose and have you picture taken at our con? Then join in! After the cosplay show is over, we’ll throw on some music and let everyone have a cosplay walk on to show off their costumes. Sign-up for this is not necessary.


After the prizes have been handed out, we’ll be having an outdoor photoshoot (if the weather is good, otherwise, we’ll think of something indoors) where alle the cosplayers who want to can have their pictures taken. This is also a good opportunity to have your picture taken with your favourite cosplayer(s).

Cosplay Royale

Be Genki or get killed! In this originall RPG (Role-playing Game) by Genki, the dice control your destiny as a cosplayer on the field of battle. All teams must consist of a general + 5 cosplayers; of those five, two of the cosplayers will be stationary traps and the remaining three are movable pieces (the general doesn’t have to be in cosplay). To speed up the process a bit, feel free to make teams in advance, though this isn’t required to be able to join. All not in teams will be placed in such by the judge of the event. Fight sequences between the pieces are improvised, so feel free to think up a cool finishing move. Other specific rules will be explained on-location.


Japanse music

Do you know what visual kei is? Have you heard of artists such as Utada Hikaru and Orange Range? Or do you just want to know more? The show up at the presentation about Japanese music on Friday afternoon and here a bit about the different artists and styles.


This is a discussion-type panel between participants and Genki organizers where you freely can ask questions about Genki, such as the planning of Genki 2009, future ideas, comments about the con, etc., to a small group of Krew representatives.

Drawing manga

There are many processes in drawing and producing a manga series, which is not as profitable or easy as many may think. Hear more about his in this presentation that takes place Sunday before noon and learn how to draw your own manga series.

The Japanese language

Yes, there’s actually more to the Japanese language than “WAAAAA~!!” and “KAWAIIIIII DESUUUU~!!“, and if you want to know what that is, and potentially where you can be taught Japanese (for free), then come listen to this presentation.


Scramble team quiz!

Teams of up to five people compete against eachother in spelling the names of titles of anime and manga. Each team are given a pile of cut-out letters that they must arrange into a title; the team that does this the quickest wins the roun. The team wth the most won rounds at the end wins the contest.

Word Search

For those of you who aren’t sure, a word search is one of these. The person who solves the word searc the quickes wins the title as “Ze Word Hunter” and gets a diploma.
The pictionary contest is open for everyone and there are lots of cool, little prizes. The rules are explained on-location just before the start of the contest.


We’ll be having karaoke every evening so that people can have a fun time with eachother and chill a bit after having been in “con-mode” all day.

Anime Dating Game

In anime dating game, a bachelor/bachelorette asks question to three anime characters (cosplayere who are “in character”). Without seeing who these three are, the young single must, from the answers given, choose which of the the s/he wants to date.

Otaku Hour

Only for hardcore, self-proclaimed otaku. Contains contest that test your worth as an otaku, e.g. who can down 1½ litres of Coke the fastest? Eat cup noodles the fastest? And other completely spontainious contests. Note, however, that these contests can be potentially dangerous to your health and lead to you e.g. feeling sick. It is therefore required that you sign a form stating that you join on your own accord and responsibility, if you want to partake in the contests.


Street Fighter IV

There will be many chances to practice at the con, as we are setting up two PS3s with Street Fighter IV and arcade sticks. We’ll compete for the title of World Warrior on Saturday at 23:00.


Stepmania is a dance game that really gets you moving. At 19:00 o’clock on Saturday, we’re going to “get down with our bad selves” in a contest where the best dancer wins a little prize!

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

The newest “classic”. Tekken is known by many, and now is both the time and the place to compete with your favourite characters.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

The newest in the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja game series and the first one for PS3.