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Updates II (May 12)

As many probably already have notice, we’ve added a few updates to the site. Most importantly are probably that the sign-up forms for the con and the cosplay contest are up and running, so now you can finally sign up. Furthermore, we’ve put up a page with rules , which is important that people read (the section on cosplay rules should be up tonight).

About the rules, we’ve had a few letters concerning the paragraph about sale of alcohol. In common for all the letters is that they think it is stupid to sell alcohol during Genki. The problem lies in that it isn’t Genki that run the café, but Kulturhuset’s own staff. We can request that certain things are or aren’t sold, but in the end, it’s the staff that decides what they want to sell or not, no matter what we say about it. Genki didn’t want alcohol during the con either, but the café wanted to have the option (since they are a public café). However, this is why we asked that the check ID whenever they sell alcohol, which the staff said they would have done anyway since they are a public establishment and required to do so by law, so that we awoid that people under the age of 18 buy alcohol. So just to emphasize this further, people under 18 years of age are not allowed to buy/consume alcohol at the con. Those who are old enough to buy alcohol are asked to drink it while in the café and not in random places on the con premises.

As a side note; all letters also point out that there haven’t been any alcohol for sale at any ofe the other Danish cons, ever. This, however, is incorrect; Valby Kulturhus is a public establishment and has always offered alcohol to people 18 years old and older, no matter what events were being held at Kulturhuset, so people have actually been able to alcohol during e.g. J-Popcon. Since J-Popcon, in the same circumstance, didn’t turn into one giant beer party, the assumption that Genki then will is both unfair and unfounded.


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