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FAQ updated

May 31st, 2009
Our FAQ has been updated with the following information (We especially emphasize paragraphs two and four):

How do I sign up for Genki?
> Just fill out the form on the page “Con Sign-Up“. If you want to sign up for the cosplay show, also fill out the form on the page “Cosplay Sign-Up“.

Am I guaranteed my ticket when I sign up?
> No. Our limit this year (2009) is 200 participants, and it is the 200 first to pay for their ticket that get in, not the first 200 who sign up. So even if you signed up as the very first, hvis 200 people manage to pay for their ticket before you do, you unfortunately won’t get in.

Then how do I pay for my ticket?
> You are to pay by bank transferal. How to do this is written on the page that appears after you sign up for the con. The bank account is close 7 days before the con starts and after this, any remaining un-payed tickets will be sold at the door.

I sent the money yesterday, why haven’t I receive a confirmation e-mail?
> How long it takes between you sending the money and us receiving them depends of factors such as whether you pay over the Internet or at the actual bank register, what bank you are transfering the money from, what time of day you do it at, and what day of the week you do it at. Depending on these factors, it can take anywhere between a few hours to 3-4 bank days (Saturday and Sunday aren’t bank days, so e.g. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday are only two bank days) before we receive the money, and then maybe an additional day or two before the cashier notices the payment and crosses you off the list. Moreover, the confirmation e-mail may have wounded up in your e-mail’s spam box, so be sure to check it every now and again.