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SPAM box and payment confirmation

June 2nd, 2009
It’s not news that all e-mails have a SPAM box and automatic filters. The problem is that, after a short test, it seems that a majority of the filters at the various e-mail providers assume that mails sent from Genki is SPAM. So therefor, if you contact Genki via the contact form (instead of from your own mail), then there’s a high possibility that the answer we send wil go straight into your SPAM box where unread mails are usually deleted automatically after a few days. All questions sent to our contact-mail are typically answered after just a few hours, unless you’ve sent to the wrong e-mail (e.g. mails about cosplay are to be sent to cosplayers@genki.dk, not info@genki.dk) or if we have to get a hold of a specific person in order to be able to answer, which can take a bit of time. So remember to check you SPAM box if you write us, just so you don’t think we are ignoring all enquiries.

The same applies to the payment confirmation mail. It will typically be caught by a filter and sent to your SPAM box. Unfortunately, it seems that we’ve gotten a problem with our plugin, so that it now doesn’t send the confirmation mails out at all. We’ve contacted our code-guru and he is currently looking at the problem, but we doubt that he’ll be able to fix it in time for this year’s con. So to solve the problem for this year, we’ve made a makeshif sign-up overview on the page “Sign-Up Forms“, where you can see if your sign-up has been registered (we had som problems in the beginning, so if your sign-up hasn’t been registered properly, then please sign up again), who has been registered as pashiri, and if we’ve received your payment. This list is updated manually twice per day (from 10-12 AM and 10-12 PM) until the con starts or we reach 200 payed participants.