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Updates V (June 5)

June 5th, 2009
Updates in summary form

  • We got an extra dealer (AniPopGam), see: Dealers.
  • Them municipal haven’t gotten back to us yet, so we’ve given up on the gym. However, we’ve spoken to Kulturhuset again, and where we earlier weren’t allowed to used the 5th floor at all, we are now permitted to use it as a sleeping floor under a few conditions.
    1) We are not allowed to be on the fifth floor until 11 PM, neither Friday, Saturday, nor Sunday, since there are other people using the floor until then. So sleeping gear are not to be unpacked until after they have left.
    2) The floor is to be completely empty of people and personal belongings no later than 08:30 AM on both Saturday and Sunday, since the will be people coming in at 09:00 AM to use the floor, i.e. all sleeping gear must be packed and returned to the wardrobe no later than 08:30 AM.
    We’ll make sure everyone gets up by then. But if people can stick to these two conditions, then we now have a sleeping floor fitting 80-100 Genki participants, so yaaay!
  • The two drawing-related panels have been cancelled because the guy who was supposed to do the panels wanted 8,000 DKK for it, but we weren’t willing to spend that much money on two presentation (and we didn’t have that much money left over anyway…).
  • We’ve set up a Genki panel as a replacement for one of the cancelled panels. We’re still trying to think of something to replace the two others.
  • We’ve agreed on closing for sign-ups for the con on Monday (June 8th). We are, however, keeping the payments open until we have 200 paying participants or until June 12th, whichever comes first.
  • For those of you interested in how our budget for the con looks like, we are going to publish it after the con is over.

And I think that was all. Hearts <3