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Sold Out!!

June 9th, 2009
We are now out of tickets, everything is sold out, so if you haven’t already paid (or if the payment isn’t on its way), then it is unfortunately too late to pay now. We do, however, hope that you will join next year, where we hope to be able to have an entire 800 people to participate. For an overview of those who have paid, see the page Sign-Up Forms. To all Pashiri who paid by mistake, you will get your money back at the con itself, do not dispair.

With that said, we are making inquiries for two payments: We’ve received a payment that just said “2 pers/Nicklas” in the message box. The same for a payment by Jan Palm, it doesn’t specify who the payment is for. Would Jan and Nicklas please write info@genki.dk and specify for whom the payments were for?