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Updates IV (May 28)

May 28th, 2009


As you can probably see, we have 212 people who have signed up, which breaks our max 200 people limit. However, 16 of them are pashiri, which means they don’t really count towards the max, meaning we have 196 actual participants. If we break the limit of actualy participants, we emphasise that it’s the first 200 people who purchase their ticket that get in.

Our cashier won’t check our account for sign-ups until this weekend, since he has had exams this entire week, so please do not spam our contact mail with questions like “Have you received my payment? Odds are that we have received it, but that our cashier hasn’t had time to cross you off the list yet. However, if you haven’t receive an e-mail by Monday (June 1st) confirming that your payment has been received (and for the love of God, check your spam boxes too before panicking), and you’ve paid BEFORE today, Thursday May 27th, then contact us on info@genki.dk and we will confirm it manually.

Sleeping locations

We have contacted the municipal to get permission to rent a school gym so that the participants coming from far-away-places would have a place to sleep. Unfortunately, it seems like they won’t be getting back to us, and with the starting date for Genki 2009 only three weeks away, we simply can’t wait for them any longer. We will try contacting them again tomorrow, but can’t guarantee that we will get the rooms we want in time. Therefore, we now recommend that guests try finding a place on their own, like e.g. (either Copenhagen City [down to 130 DKK per bed per night] or Copenhagen Downtown [down to 75 DKK per bed per night]). The prices are under the condtion that one has a hostel registration card (might only be required if you are 18 years old or older, please check by yourself); if you don’t have one, you can book it online. The card costs 35 DKK per night or 70 DKK for an entire year; if you do not live in Denmark you’ll need an international year card which costs 160 DKK. Order beds well in advance so that you are sure to have a place to sleep. The prices do not include breakfast (as it is cheaper to buy breakfast elsewhere). We recomment that you wait 3-4 days, just in case we get the gym after all, in which case participants have a place to sleep for free. We will update about this as soon as we get a reply.

In connection with the above, we’d like to emphasise that it IS allowed to be at the con all day and all night, you just aren’t allowed to sleep there, unless you are a pashiri. So if you e.g. can’t get a bed reservation for the night between Friday and Saturday, you are more than welcome to stay on con premises, assuming you can stay awake.

Site updates

We’ve added the page Auction for those of you interested in selling your anime/manga/junk. This is a free service by Genki, så you don’t have to pay any commision fee for entering and we don’t take percentages of the final selling price either; all the money go to the sellers.

The page Events has been updated but is still incomplete. We expect to complete it after our next meeting.