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I’ve Paid – Now what?

June 10th, 2009

The con is getting closer, people have paid, but no one has seen even the shadow of tickets, ID numbers or similar, so people migh be thinking “now what?! O.o” as the panic slowly spreads. But don’t worry, Genki-Man is on it! *Genki-Man theme song*

Jokes aside; the procedure is pretty simple. You get the tickets at the con in the shape of “bracelets”. These bracelets work as your Genki con OK *thumbs up* ID, and confimrs that you’ve paid. These must be visible at all times, and in case a pashiri or organizer asks to see your ticket (in case it got covered by your sleeve or something), then that’s what you show. Should the bracelet happen to snap or otherwise come off, then keep it in your pocket it and show it when asked. If you lose it completely, then please go to the reception. New bracelets kost 5 DKK.

But how do you get your ticket to begin with? As stated, you get it at the con itself. When you arrive, go to the reception and state your name and show ID that can confirm you are who you claim to be. Therefore, please remember your national health insurance card, student card, mopad license, periodic travelpas, or similar! As long as your name is on it and it is issued by e.g. the municipal, then it can be used. Print-outs of the confirmation mail CANNOT be used, as the written content is public and generic, and can therefore easily be forged as they aren’t unique from person to person.

And that would be all. So, you get tickets by the entrance and all you need to do is state your name and show ID and then it’s lickety-split. Lubz Genki ♥