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Updates VI (June 15)

June 15th, 2009
  • The time schedule has been updated and is done. If changes to the schedule occur, it will be posted on the screen by the reception in Kulturhuset and on the front page of the website.
  • The Event page has been updated and is done.
  • Page with operational hours is almost done. We won’t know the times of the dealer rooms until Friday of the con.
  • The Pashiri meeting has been decided to be at 09.00 AM on Friday morning, so that people who are there from the beginning can start working immediatly. Pashiri who can’t make it by then (e.g. if they come from far away) will just have to find our Krew chief (Jill) when they show up and she’ll walk you through everything. Note that all pashiri must make a quick-stop at the reception so that we can register your arrival.
  • A tentative work schedule for pashiri can be found here (Excel Sheet). The finished version, which includes who has shifts when and were, won’t be handed out until the actual con. This is just so you can see what work stations there are and how long the shifts last.
  • Rule page has been update with rules about Artist Alley.
  • Rules for equipment for the cosplay contest have been updated. CDs with audio are to be handed in at the reception, deadline for this is 10:00 AM on Saturday.
  • We still have heard from Jan Palm about who he has paid for. He is asked to please contact info@genki.dk so we can have the ticket ready, otherwise, we will refund the money and the ticket will become void.

Zat is all.