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Genki 2009 Over

June 22nd, 2009
Hellows all you lovely peoplez! ♥

Genki is now over and we (the organizers) would like to thank all you lovely people who chose to show up and be cool with the rest of us. Much love and remember to spread the word on how awesome Genki is, so vi can have even more participants joining next year! If people have lost anything during the con that you haven’t been able to find, then write a mail to click@genki.dk and describe what you’ve lost and he’ll check our Lost & Found box.

An ultra mega giant thanks goes to our wonderful pashiri who were all totally nice, friendly and helpful towards the guests; we really hope to see you all again next year, if you’re interested, as you are all super wonderfuld =D

Of other goodies, the promised budget will be made public in about a week or two so those of you who are interested can see exactly how your money have been spent. The Flash animation with katakana and hiragana that was shown during the Japanese language panel will also be set up for download. We are also making a report of the con, but don’t have any publishing date, as of yet. It’s get done when it gets done XP The same applies to photos and recordings, we’ll have a gallery up ASAO, so just hang tight ;3

Should you feel the need to tell the organizers how totally awesome they are or just say thanks for an awesome con, then feel free to write it in our forum in this thread ;)